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Welcome to Idea Site for Business

f this is your first visit to Idea Site for Business, you'll find ideas, articles and online marketing tools to help you grow your business.

Check out these sections on Idea Site:

179 Creative Ideas from Andy Attiliis:
insights on creative direction, art direction, writing, design, illustration, corporate identification and Web development. The goal of each idea is to inspire confidence in your abilities to understand and implement the creative process. You can also sign up for Andy's Creative Ideas by email

401 Marketing Ideas from Mary Gillen:
marketing ideas that can help your business grow. If you haven't signed up for these Marketing Ideas, please do so.

Free Classified Ads for Our Community's Individual Needs:
Add and view your 30-day free ad immediately. Then change its content whenever you like. Electronic interactivity and your willingness to participate make it all possible. 40 categories are available. View and place classifieds here.

Paid Classified Ads for Business:
Over 70 business categories help make finding what your audience needs quick and easy. This 60-day ad space, complete with an array of great features, is yours for only $12. Revise or completely change its content and category whenever you like. Such versatility enables you to use the balance of any unused time to advertise something else. These full page ad spaces include room for a picture up to 4" wide by 6" deep, a boldface headline and all the copy anyone could ever need to inspire a sale. In addition, you can see your ad immediately. View and place classifieds here.

Content Page Ads:
These changeable ads on Idea Site for Business content pages start at 14 dollars for 90 days. On the page of your choice, select from three different sizes which can either appear vertically in the left hand column, or horizontally under the content. Revise the copy whenever you like. Place your Content Page Ads here.

Message Links:
360 day Message Link for only 20 dollars. Message Links are ISFB's answer to affiliate advertising and reciprocal links. They are tiny ads that enable you to influence our audience for next to nothing. Like Content Page Ads, these tiny messages can appear in the left hand column, or under the content on the page of your choice. On these ads too, the copy is changeable whenever you like. Place your Message Link Ads here.

Ad Space Central:
Want to sell ad space on your Web site or buy ad space on another site? Ad Space Central is a categorized list of Web sites that have ad space for sale. The idea is to attract potential advertisers whose product or service compliments rather than competes with what your site has to offer. Free service and listing for a year to the first thousand who post their information. Place your Ad Space Central listings here.

If you are a creative director, art director, graphic designer, illustrator, copywriter, Web developer or other kind of creative provider check out the Portfolio Community at Idea Site. It's a great way to provide our audience with custom access to your portfolio. Sign up for our Portfolio Community here.

We're searching for partners who would bring value and convenience to our visitors. The idea is simple and direct. Idea Site For Business features a duplicate of your Home page, or other page of your choice, which is then custom linked to the balance of your existing site. Not only will your business be showcased for one year in the Partners section, it will also supported by every tool within ISFB. Find out more here.

We also have some interesting new articles from our talented contributors:

Consultant and writer Phyllis Sheerin Ross writes about how looking your best brings more business in How To Sell Yourself: Let Me Count the Ways.

Fran Gillen, The Training Guy, writes about What’s It Like To Know You’re Free-Falling…. It's all about starting a business in turbulent times.

Larry Chase, Net marketing consultant, speaker and author of "Essential Business Tactics for the Net, Second Edition," offers us all advice on how to market when times get rough in his article, Top Tips for Marketing in Tough Times.

Andy Attiliis offers us pointers on Ad Copywriting and the importance of connecting with the target audience at an emotional level.

We're pleased to have such experienced writers contribute to our site. you like their articles, please email our writers and tell them so. They would love to hear from you.

We hope that you enjoy Idea Site for Business. Please feel free to contact us via email with your questions and comments.

Hope your business is doing well.'s a contest out there. Be a winner!

Mary Gillen & Andy Attiliis

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