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Use E-mail Testimonials on Your Web Page
The "third-party sell" also works online. Use testimonials on your Web Page (along with the individuals' e-mail addresses) to build your product/service credibility.

Thar's Gold in That Thar Net
Shift your traditional business services to meet the needs of busy Netizens and you may have more business than you can handle. Think of the possibilities:

  • An e-mail answering service
  • Web site proofreading service
  • Internet access in your restaurant or bar where patrons' online time is added to their tab
  • E-mail ordering option for restaurant take-out meals

Add "Print-Out Tips" to Your Web Site
Self-sufficiency is very important to a lot of people. Help people "help themselves" and make it easy for them to send more visitors your way by adding useful "printable" tips to your Web site.

As a business person, you're bound to have tips and tricks that you can share. Organize your tips in categories on separate Web pages. At the top of each page, include your URL and this message:

"It's important to keep in touch! If you find this information useful, please print out this page and fax or mail it to 5 business people you know who might benefit from this information."

If the reader finds the information useful, he or she can print out the page and send it to customers and prospects, passing the word about your Web site at the same time.

Unsolicited E-Mail is OK
Steve O'Keefe, author of "Publicity on the Internet" explains the difference between unsolicited e-mail and spam in the book's chapter entitled "Unsolicited E-Mail is OK":

"Unsolicited e-mail is not the same as spam. Spam is the indiscriminate distribution of messages, without consideration for their appropriateness. Definitely don't spam. Only post messages to discussion groups when you are reasonably certain they're appropriate. Only send e-mail to people you believe are interested in your message. Remove anyone from your mailing lists who asks to be removed. If you follow these simple guidelines, while you may still get a flame now and then, they'll be few and far between. After a while, you'll get a good feel for what works and what doesn't."

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