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Profits Going Up?
Doug Darby of HomeStyle Delights (703-892-1195), a baker of homemade cakes, pies, cookies and muffins, isn't shy when it comes to building his business. On one occasion, Doug delivered a birthday cake to a manager of one of the large accounting firms located in downtown Washington, D.C. On his way up in the elevator, Doug struck up a conversation with two folks who were curious about the box he was carrying. Doug let them know what he did for a living and gave them both his card. The result: both have ordered over $1200 in birthday cakes and muffins from him over the last year. So don't just stare at the floor numbers on your next elevator trip. Make the most of the ride!

Line 'Em Up
A new restaurant owner we know wanted to attract attention to his eatery without spending a lot of money. How did he do it? By offering 10 of his friends and family members free dinners in exchange for some "line time". On opening week, this smart entrepreneur had his 10 volunteers line up outside the front door of his restaurant during evening rush hour (4-6 p.m.) to create the impression that his new restaurant was packed and that it was difficult to get in. The volunteers entered the restaurant, went out the back door and got on line over and over again. Folks driving by got the idea that "this restaurant must be good" and many gave it a try. This helped "fill the house" and gave this entrepreneur the chance to create many loyal customers.

Honest Officer - You Look Better in Solids
It pays to think opposites when planning your marketing. An ingenious entrepreneur in a mid-Atlantic state came up with the idea for a POLICE FASHION SHOW. Yes, that's right. Seems each police department prides itself on its own look, and this saavy business person turned this fact into a money-making enterprise. He rented a hall with a center runway, contacted all the vendors who sell law-enforcement uniforms and related gear, and sold booth space. All the police departments in the area were invited to attend, and some of the invitee officers acted as models. The results: much fun for all the participants, much business for the vendors and a healthy profit for the entrepreneur.

Diving for Dollars
The Davis Golf Ball Company of Atlantic Beach, FL (800-545-1972) has a business that benefits both golf course owners and golfers.

They hire professional scuba divers to retrieve golf balls from golf course water hazards without interrupting or inconveniencing golfers at play.

Davis Golf then resells the reconditioned name brand golf balls in quantities from one dozen to 500 ball cases to golfers who want to save money as they play their favorite game.

Visit the Davis Golf Ball Company site to find out more.

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