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Smells Even More Like Success
It's not surprising that a smart entrepreneur we know who owns a storefront specialty perfume shop uses scent to attract attention. On warm summer days she purposely spills a bit of scent on the cement sidewalk outside her shop during the noon hour, attracting prospects who happen to be walking by doing other errands. This scent proves to be a cue that prompts prospects to visit her shop.

Smells Like Success
Every time she sponsors an Open House for one of her listings, a successful real estate agent we know always brings her automatic bread baking machine along. As the afternoon progresses, visitors are greeted by the smell of fresh baking bread, reviving childhood memories of a warm and cozy home. The results: the oven of the house stays clean and the agent writes a lot more contracts.

Cab Company Makes It Easy for 'Em to Call
A local taxi cab company in the D.C. metro area made it easy for customers to call. It contracted with an ad specialty company for "callers", little devices the size of a credit card that can be programmed with a specific telephone number. By holding the "caller" to the mouthpiece of a telephone and pushing a special button, the "caller" automatically dials the cab company's dispatch phone number.

The cab company provided "callers" to all the bars and hotels within a 20-mile radius of their office. Result: Calls for cabs jumped over 50%, especially during Christmas and New Year's. Most calls came from bartenders, who needed cabs for patrons who celebrated a bit too much and needed a safe way home.

Generation X Special
Imagine this! A hotel chain, ever watchful of the latest trends, created a special "Weekend Getaway" for parents of Generation Xers. Many folks in their early 20s still live at home, due to low-paying jobs or higher education commitments. What a unique way for parents to get a break and for a hotel to fill those empty rooms!

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