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Don't Be Outdated
Many customers and prospects always want to feel they are purchasing services from someone "in the know." The smart marketer always keeps up with the latest information in their prospects' industries. Make sure your prospects know that you know. Make it a point to call or email them when you come across information that can cause changes in their industries. This extra effort can be time-consuming on your part, but can lead to more sales in the long run. Time-saving tactic: Visit the DejaNews Site and search for articles and newsgroup chatter pertaining to your prospect/customer industries.

Be Ready for Those Last-Minute Purchasing Decisions
Many customers and prospects always seem to make buying decisions at the last moment...leaving you scrambling! Preparation on your part is essential if you want to continually win the hearts and business of the "last minute Charlies." Some tips:

- Prepare proposal "templates" on your computer that can be easily completed, then faxed or emailed. - Purchase a mobile phone that you always carry with you. Make sure that your prospects know the number so they can reach you any time during the business day. - Send direct marketing mailings or e-mails every 30 days so that you keep your name in front of them

One-of-A-Kind Marketing
Many folks buy because of a "fear of loss". Can you market your product as a "one-of-a-kind" for a "limited time only?" Show them what they stand to gain as well as what they will lose if they don't order now. One auto salesperson we know always shows the purchaser a model that is a "second choice" in case the "preferred model" gets sold before the customer makes a decision. This can really speed up the sales process.

Is Product Discounting the Way to Go?
Sure, you want the business, but is discounting the way to go? Studies have shown that once the reduced price goes away, so may the customer. Better to slowly build a base of customers who really want your product "at the regular price" and who will stay with you due to your service and expertise.

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