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Testing Tip
If you are using sales letters to test a specific item such as a higher or lower price, create a master letter and save different copies as separate files that show only price changes. Example: you create five sales letters with exactly the same headline, subheads, offer, picture and copy. The only difference is the price listed on each letter. The response you receive will help you determine "what the market will bear."

Your English Teacher Would Not Be Proud
The most successful ad copy reads and sounds the way people talk with each other. Forget what you learned in English class. Don't be afraid to use incomplete sentences, short phrases and the word "you". Speak to your prospects on paper just as you would face-to-face for the most effective marketing message.

Copy Tip
Want to know if your ad or brochure copy flows? Read it out loud. As you read you will find the awkward phrases right away, which can help you edit for better communication.

Emotional Headlines
Do you ad and brochure headlines use emotion to motivate? Here are some examples:

Dentist: "We Love Cowards!"
Orthodontist: "Don't Worry! No Down Payment for Braces!"
Addiction Treatment Center: "Want to Stop? Start By Calling Us"
Hearing Aid Center: "We Listen...So You Can Hear"

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