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Add your portfolio's Home Page to Idea Site For Business.

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We think it's time to share portfolios.
ince most Web access has gotten fast enough to deliver reasonably sized graphic files, we've decided to include our own portfolio samples. Because Idea Site's audience has grown to an average of 22,400 unique visitors per month, you might want to consider doing the same.

To see creative samples, select Portfolios.

To share your creative samples, select Publish Portfolios.

More Details:

Online Estimating Forms and Phone Consultation are highlights of ISFB's portfolios. These new services greatly enhance the effectiveness of any online portfolio. Examples of each are now available for your review and use. Currently, both Estimating and Phone Consultation are provided on Andy Attiliis's portfolio site. For those who would also like to provide these services, our two copyrighted forms are provided free of charge for use on your site.

How it works. The idea is simple and convenient. We publish a duplicate of your Home page within ISFB's Portfolios section, which is then custom linked to the balance of your existing site. In this way, your reach can be greatly extended by presenting work to our ever growing audience. One that has a track record of being especially interested in creativity and marketing.

For additional support, ads that link to your portfolio are posted throughout Idea Site. Included in this package of extras are 3 Message Links, 3 Content Page Ads, a Business Classified Ad and a Sponsorship Message to each of our enewsletter lists.

Rates: $228 per year plus one-time fee of $150 for setup and custom linking.

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