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I do branding, design, illustration and writing.
Just one important service which may be worth your consideration is my ability to optimize the recognition of your existing brand ten-fold. Such experience has been a long time coming. Since 1966 I've provided graphic design and illustration. Then in 1981 my offering grew to include branding and writing. In addition, I served in the creative departments of several ad agencies. Art director, creative director, designer, illustrator and writer are the positions I fulfilled during that 14 year period.
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Trade Mailing Lists with Non-Competitors
Have a "mailing list swap". You've compiled your own list through a lot of hard work. Others have done the same. Trade off if you're not in competition with one another.

Small Business Possibilities
If you have a small business, make small businesses and "one-person operations" at least 1/3 of your customer base. There are many advantages. You'll work directly with "the boss". No waiting for committees to make purchasing decisions. Small businesses are easier to sell because "you know what it's like". Many "one person shops" grow to companies that are very successful. And you got there first.

Vocabulary 101
Do some research. What words, sayings, or symbols are easily recognized by your target markets? Be sure to use these in your marketing materials. Your prospects will think you're an expert even before your first meeting. Your existing customers will have more faith in your abilities.

Get Away for Better Marketing
When it comes to marketing your business, there are times when you're stumped. It's most important to head out and find new stimuli! Go to the mall and check out how the marketing of other businesses. Check out the point-of-purchase displays that may generate some new ideas. Head to the library and eye the newest magazines. You may find an article that stimulates some new thinking. Or maybe it's time to take a short nap that can clear your head! As the old Zen masters say, "One action begets another".

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