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I do branding, design, illustration and writing.
Just one important service which may be worth your consideration is my ability to optimize the recognition of your existing brand ten-fold. Such experience has been a long time coming. Since 1966 I've provided graphic design and illustration. Then in 1981 my offering grew to include branding and writing. In addition, I served in the creative departments of several ad agencies. Art director, creative director, designer, illustrator and writer are the positions I fulfilled during that 14 year period.
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Mind Your Own Business...Every 30 Days
We're so innundated with images and noise these days that most of us forget what we see and hear in less than 14 days. Sending out a mailing once a business quarter is not enough, especially after you've made the sale. Don't become the "forgotten" business. Remind your customers and prospects of the benefits of your services through customer satisfaction surveys, time-limited offers, "fact of interest" postcards, reprints of articles you have authored, fax newsletters, etc. Consistently keep in touch with the people who can help your business thrive.

Increase Sales to the Customers You Already Have
Create a quick grid that can lead to increased sales and profits. Draw a rectangular box in the middle a piece of 8-1/2" x 11" paper. Along the outside left hand side of the box write the names of your current clients. Write the products and services you offer along the space outside the top of the box. Draw vertical and horizontal lines within the box to separate clients and products/services. Starting with the Client #1, put an "X" in the box that corresponds to all the products/services you are currently offering that client. Do the same for each customer you have. When you're done, look at all the empty boxes. These represent the additional products and services you can sell your current customers.

Who Else Needs What You Already Have?
McDonald's came up with the "Chicken McNuggets" product because their suppliers had old hens who were past their prime. These old hens, known for their dark meat, became "Chicken McNuggets", one of McDonald's most popular products.

Shift focus. Make the most of what you already have. Determine other target markets that need your products or services.

Your Marketing Budget - Don't Leave It to Luck
3-5% of gross receipts...that's the average amount small businesses spend on marketing annually. Be sure to add an additional 3-5% to all your proposal quotes. When the jobs come in, save that 3-5% to spend on future marketing projects.

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