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I do branding, design, illustration and writing.
Just one important service which may be worth your consideration is my ability to optimize the recognition of your existing brand ten-fold. Such experience has been a long time coming. Since 1966 I've provided graphic design and illustration. Then in 1981 my offering grew to include branding and writing. In addition, I served in the creative departments of several ad agencies. Art director, creative director, designer, illustrator and writer are the positions I fulfilled during that 14 year period.
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Old Files Hold New Marketing Clues
Your file cabinet holds clues for increased business. Take some time to review accounts receivable files, job jackets and client files from years past. Many of these documents have the names of folks you've done business with previously, and who may still need your products or services. Using the "old file" method, make a list of folks to call. When you do contact them and you find that some may not need your services now, ask each person for three referrals of folks they know who may need your help. You may also find that some of your past contacts have moved on to new companies or started their own businesses. This reality can open up new opportunities for you. Make the effort to contact these folks at their new locations.

Market for the Future!
Don't ignore the "start-up" company when it comes to marketing your products or services. Surveys have shown that many of today's affluent buyers still purchase from the people and companies that originally treated them as "winners who were going to make it big."

Zoom In...Not Out
Not getting the results you expect from your marketing efforts? Maybe you're spreading yourself too thin. Zoom in! Concentrate on a smaller, more targeted segment of prospects. This new tactic can give your business a jump start, making it easier for you to focus your marketing resources on proving that you can meet these prospects' specific needs.

What Have You Done To Improve Yourself Lately?
Want more business? Get better! Improve yourself and the knowledge that you already have and you'll be billing more in the long run. In a service business? Learn some new skills that can be used as additional services that you can market to your clients. Examples: 1) Graphics Designer learns how to design Web Sites and markets this expertise to her clients. 2) Management Consultant takes sales writing courses and then earns additional income by helping his clients to overhaul their stale sales letters. 3) Computer Specialist learns the ins and outs of a new popular software program and offers one-on-one training to his clients. Constant improvement leads to steadily increased revenues.

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