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I do branding, design, illustration and writing.
Just one important service which may be worth your consideration is my ability to optimize the recognition of your existing brand ten-fold. Such experience has been a long time coming. Since 1966 I've provided graphic design and illustration. Then in 1981 my offering grew to include branding and writing. In addition, I served in the creative departments of several ad agencies. Art director, creative director, designer, illustrator and writer are the positions I fulfilled during that 14 year period.
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Is your image helping or hurting your business? Do a "Ben Franklin": get out a piece of paper and divide the space in two vertical columns. In the left column, list all the things about your business that support your image. In the right column, list all the items that don't live up to your image. Make an effort to improve all the items from the right hand column starting right now.

When it comes to marketing your business, it's easy to fall into the trap of waiting until something is "perfect" before introducing it to the marketplace. Well, nothing is ever perfect. Best Rule of Thumb: Do your best and let it go. You'll soon see the improvements you need to make, which can only make your marketing stronger and more effective.

Have Your Niches Changed?
Business niches adjust to keep up with changes in technology or federal or state laws. Keep an eye on the trends that can alter the niches you're prospecting. Contact the Economic Development office in your county or state to find out where you can find these important business stats.

Listen for Better Copy
Want to improve your ads? Some of the most successful ad copy sounds like a conversation between two and your customer. Dust off your tape recorder and schedule some time with a trusted client for a frank discussion about the pros and cons of your products or services. Record your conversation. When you play it back, pay special attention to the phrases and descriptions used by your customer during your talk. Use these phrases throughout your ad copy for better results.

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