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An Answer To the "Dreaded" Question
These days, everyone's goal is to get the best value. If you meet with opposition to your pricing, try some humor instead of the standard "salesperson response" of defending your rates. One rather animated salesman we know counters the "Why is your price $700 higher than the guy down the street" question with some terrific retorts. One response he uses: "You see, that extra money goes into a special account I have. I'm saving to buy my mother-in-law a Rolls Royce so she can drive away in style and leave me in peace." By responding in a totally different manner, this salesperson is not on the "defensive", the prospect settles down, and real negotiations can begin.

The Name Game
We meet so many people every day that it's difficult to remember every person's name. When introducing yourself at a networking function or to a business prospect, repeat your first name twice. You stand a better chance of being remembered. Example: "Hi, I'm John (pause), John Doe of Acme Computer Rental."

The Luck of the Draw
Next time you're the Spotlight Speaker at a networking function, make sure everyone walks away with the possibility of being a winner. One marketer we know gives away "scratch-to-win" $1 lottery tickets to all attendees at the end of her presentation with the message "Wishing you the best of luck in your business". This surprise gift pleases everyone and draws attention to this marketer's creativity.

Always Talk to Strangers
Always make an effort to sit next to someone you don't know at a networking function, chamber luncheon, party, etc. With networking, it's "who you don't know" that counts.

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