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Realtor Contract Smarts
Rushing back to the office to complete a contract for a soon-to-be client can waste a lot of time and money. The Texas Association of Realtors has set up quick access to numerous contracts for its realtor members online. Users can select from 85 up-to-date contracts delivered as Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) files. The online forms appear in a user's Microsoft or Netscape Web browser. Realtor members can download and print the materials they need...any time, any place.

Read all about it at Adobe's site.

What They Need
1. "Make it quick, I don't have time to waste."
2. "Make it easy for me to understand the benefit."
3. "Make it easy for me to reply."
4. "Don't let me down."

Keep 'Em Coming Back
The Arlington, VA Chamber of Commerce keeps their members coming back for more with a unique door prize. The Chamber contributes $100 to an initial door prize drawing. At every monthly Business-After-Business networking function, a member's name is drawn...and you must be present to win! If the member isn't there at the time his/her name is drawn, the Chamber contributes another $100 to the prize. The current door prize is now worth $1600!! As the prize gets bigger, the more members make it a point to show up!

Network Meeting Mingling
At your next networking group Open House, set up more than one place in the room where folks can get food and drink. People will then circulate and mingle with a little more ease.

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