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A Networking Guest Checklist
Networking group in a funk? Ask members to check their Rolodexes against this "Networking Guest Checklist" for folks to invite to future meetings:

Auto Detailer * Auto/Truck Leasing Agent * Bank Executive * Builder * Business Consultant * Commercial Real Estate Agent * Commercial Tenant Rep * Contractor * Courier * Family Dentist * Florist * Funeral Director * Health Club/Personal Trainer * Interior Decorator * Interior/Exterior Painter * International Trade Consultant * Jeweler * Auto Dealer * Meeting Planner * Nutritionist * Officer Supplier * Phone System Supplier/Integrator * Printer/Broker * Property Manager * Residential/Commercial Landscaper * Retail Business Owner * Service Business Owner * Tailor * Venture Capitalist

You can also check the list against your local commercial telephone directory. Call the businesses and extend invitations to the owners to attend the next networking function as your guest.

The "SalesDoctors" Are In!
Seeking a cure for the common close? Make an appointment with the SalesDoctors site.

An e-zine for selling professionals, "SalesDoctors" has the scoop to help you sell more of any product/service and keep your customers coming back. The site's "First Aid Clinic" contains quick ideas you can use in a jiffy, such as 6 reasons why your customers buy, how to run your own focus groups on the cheap and turning any advertisement into a mini catalog.

Time to Market
Merilyn Piper of Jomer Graphics (703-490-4857), an advertising specialty firm in Occoquan, VA, markets her products "triple-time." One of her specialty items is an office clock that can be engraved with a company logo. When she attends networking meetings, she always brings a clock (engraved with the Jomer Graphics logo) and places it in a conspicuous place where all the attendees can see it. Why is this smart marketing? 1) It consistently shows off one of her products, 2) the networkers see her logo when they check the time during the meeting , and 3) other networkers purchase clocks so they can display their logos at other breakfast meetings that Merilyn doesn't attend.

Wow 'Em at Your Next Weekly Network Breakfast
Wake up the crowd at your next lead share breakfast meeting with significant facts of the day, trivia and riddles. Log on to the Du Jour site early before you go to your meeting. In the site's Ce Jour section, you'll find birthdays of note, significant events and holidays around the world for that day. You'll also find a section of riddles and trivia.

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