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Dimensional direct mail.
Marketing with a difference.
Paid online content grows 155% to $300 million in Q1 2002.
Viral marketing tips.
Tell your story to the Small Business Television Network.
How do you market?

Dimensional direct mail.
MIBE reader Rik Shafer, Creative Director of Creative At Large, Inc. in Ft. Lauderdale, FL, wrote to us about a "dimensional" direct mail piece that successfully introduced his agency to many prospects:

"Our latest mailing consists of a box with an oversize, giant eraser inside. The box cover reads: OUCH! YOU PAID SERIOUS DOLLARS FOR SOME CREATIVE MARKETING IDEAS. AND YOU MAKE A *MISTAKE*. NOW WHAT? Inside cover of the box says: USE THE ENCLOSED. THEN CALL US. There's a cover letter, fax-back sheet, a page of client testimonials, and a business card. After we send it, we call to make an appointment. Does it work? You bet. People can't resist opening something like this. The only caveat is that we clearly identify the box, with a mailing label, as coming from a business--including my name handwritten above the logo.That way they don't worry about security issues."

Marketing with a difference.
MIBE reader Michell Benjamin-Currie, Leasing Consultant with The Vintage AT Pheasant Run Apartment Community, let us know about her organization's "Marketing with a Difference":

"I started a 'WE care, Make a Difference Campaign' that not only involves our community but involves the surrounding communities. We host all kinds of events that make a difference. For example, we have hosted a Blood Drive, Health Fair and in November are hosting a Safety Fair and raising money for the Childrens Cancer Foundation. Not only do you get people proud of where they are living, you get them spreading the word...the best free marketing! Plus you get the community involved which gets people to your business. How much does it cost? Just a little care is all."
Visit, an online community for government buyers and vendors. Free site content includes the primer installment series "Doing Business with Government", along with timely contracting news and advice from industry experts. You'll need to register to access the free info, but if you are trying to break into the federal government market, it's worth it.

Paid online content grows 155% to $300 million in Q1 2002.
According to The Online Publishers Association's first U.S. Market Spending Report for paid online content survey, "U.S. consumers spent $675 million for online content in 2001, a 92 percent increase over 2000 spending levels. Further, industry growth accelerated into the current year, as U.S. consumers spent $300 million for online content in the first quarter of 2002, a 155 percent increase over the same quarter last year." Download the report in PDF format at The Online Publishers Association's Web site.

Viral marketing tips.
In his article "It's Not About the Technology," Sean Carton, Chief Experience Officer at Carton Donofrio Partners, Inc. lets us know the three tips of making viral marketing work. Here's one:

"Information must be of value to more than one person; the virulence of the information increases proportionally with the number of people who find it valuable. That's why the pictures of your grandkids (unless they're particularly freakish or stunningly beautiful) probably won't ever get transmitted beyond your immediate family circle -- nobody outside of your family cares. On the other hand, Crank Yankers sound clips appeal to a wide range of people and get emailed all over the globe. The famous 'network effect' only becomes effective if people really want the information." Read the rest at ClickZ.

Tell your story to the Small Business Television Network.
Small Business TV (SBTV) covers a wide range of subjects, including finances, law, human resources, marketing, customer service, getting started, taxes, succession planing, balancing work and personal life, and a host of other topics of special interest to entrepreneurs. SBTV also focuses on a diversity of business sectors, from construction to e-commerce, food service, retail, crafts, family businesses, consultants, design companies, franchises, and much more. They want to hear your story. Let 'em know here.

How do you market? Let us know the ways.
How do you market? We know you are a creative bunch of folks, and now you'll have a chance to share your marketing story with the almost 23,000 readers of this newsletter and the rest of the Idea Site community.

Tell us your most unique marketing idea and how it worked for you. The best ideas will be featured in this newsletter, with full contact info and URL listed. Here's what Ray Costello of Amendment 1 Media inc. wrote when we mentioned him in Marketing-Ideas-by-Email:

"I am writing to thank you for putting our concept on your marketing idea of the day. It has put our company and idea in the inboxes of the right people and opened many doors! Your company and services are obviously on the forefront of creative thinkers."

Tell us your marketing idea now.


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