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New eService White Paper Compliments of RightNow Technologies:
"eService: Strategies for Success in the Customer Age"

Click here to download a free copy.

Bob Thompson, the guru behind, recently collaborated with RightNow Technologies to define the top strategies for customer service success. The following is a preview of the resulting white paper.

Global competition is ferocious. Companies must work harder than ever before to gain and keep customers, and to do so at a competitive cost. Welcome to the age of empowered customers.

Business strategy guru Michael Porter pointed out in a Fast Company interview: "It's incredibly arrogant for a company to believe it can deliver the same sort of product that its rivals do and actually do better for very long. That's especially true today, when the flow of information and capital is incredibly fast."

Savvy executives have long realized the importance of service in building customer loyalty, the fuel for long-term profitable growth. Now customers are increasingly expecting service to be available anytime, anywhere. As Internet consultant and noted author Jim Sterne says, "The genie's out of the bottle. I call it Customer Expectation Inflation and the Demand Dilemma. Customers simply demand better service, on the Web and in stores, and that's how it is."

Internet-based customer service, or eService, enables smart businesses to improve service levels and increase loyalty, while saving money. Companies large and small are adopting innovative Internet-based technologies such as Web self-help, email response, live chat, and Voice over IP. But technology is only part of the puzzle. To enhance your odds for success, define business objectives and expected returns before buying a solution, plan the eService implementation thoroughly, and prepare to improve it constantly with ongoing customer feedback.

Wielded correctly, eService is a powerful weapon in today's business jungle. It's your job to determine what service customers want, how they want it, and how you're going to deliver it. Before your competition beats you to the punch.

To continue reading, download your copy of this newly published white paper now. You'll learn about the key strategies for eService success and how to maximize all the available technologies.

About RightNow Technologies:
RightNow Technologies makes it very easy for businesses to provide exceptional customer service on the Web. Companies that use software from RightNow enjoy reduced support loads, higher customer retention, increased support capacity, and a quick return on investment. The RightNow eService Center includes Web self-service, email management, live chat, customer surveys, and a dealer locator to make Web sites a valuable resource for existing and potential customers.

RightNow customers include AAA Carolinas, Air New Zealand, Ben & Jerry's, British Airways, Fujitsu, Maxtor, Nortel, Orbitz, Ping Golf, Remington, Sanyo, Social Security Administration, Sprint, and more than 1,100 other organizations in a wide range of vertical markets.

Founded in 1995, RightNow has offices in Bozeman, Dallas, London, and Sydney, and an associated office in Tokyo. RightNow's products are available in 15 languages worldwide.

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