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Scores of categorized marketing ideas to help develop your own unique strategy.

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Here are scores of categorized
marketing ideas to help develop your
own unique strategy.

xperienced professionals have studied the ideas of others for as long as marketing has been around. Not to copy, but to jump start thinking. Choose a group of marketing ideas from the ideas and articles column to your left, or from the icons below to help begin your own productive thought process.
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For variety of read, you'll find many ideas expressed in two formats- shorts for quick reads and articles for more in-depth information. In either case, the idea is to begin jotting down unique adaptions of ideas that better serve your unique needs. Whatever the result, it follows that such a process should satisfy your marketing goals better than the original material that got things started.

Make sure that your idea really works.The great test of an idea's merit is to put yourself in your audience's shoes. Pretend that you are on the receiving end of this new initiative to be sure it anticipates every concern someone might have. Repeat this kind of scrutiny more than once or twice. Because our state of mind is effected by all manner of outside forces we suggest that you carefully review your idea at relaxed times on at least four different days. At the end of that time, if you are still convinced of its ability to excite and communicate, you will also feel the commitment needed to provide adequate support.

The ability to stick with a marketing strategy for the long run is where many inexperienced marketers fall short. The good news is that the vast majority of us aren't mega advertisers who must come up with a bunch of new campaigns every year. We simply don't need to match the degree of creative variety demanded by audiences of companies like Apple, Coke, Ford and Gap. Further, trying to emulate their nimbleness can be a mega mistake. Without the huge budget necessary to support frequent changes, those who try to mimic marketing leaders often confuse their own audience by changing spots too frequently. The right idea is to create and forward a marketing idea that is meaningful and appropriate for us. ISBF's creators are experienced in providing marketing solutions for corporate levels up to, but not including the biggest entities in the world. We know that it is vital to execute an idea well, given that 20 to 30 impressions are usually needed to be remembered. In many cases, we advise clients to improve on existing momentum rather than start from scratch.

Even for the most talented and seasoned professionals, consistently taking a marketing idea from start to dazzling finish is a challenge. Nevertheless, we've discovered from our own experiences with clients at many levels, that there is no shortage of those who are eager to get more deeply involved in this aspect of their own businesses.
Because of the appreciative response Idea Site For Business has gotten over the last few years, it's possible that we may be shedding some light on the creative process. That ISFB is actually helping to improve understanding between clients and their creative providers. We may also be building enough confidence to allow a small business to successfully implement its own marketing idea. In any case, our community continues to grow through word of mouth, email press releases and by adding all the useful ideas for creative business people we can possibly gather. There it is, the same marketing idea that has worked for us from the very start.

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