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How can I best find my around a large site? The most convenient and complete  navigation tool that we know of is the Everything In Site index page. It remains active during a visitor's entire stay and is linked to everything in the site. Just a bit of study gives visitors the security of knowing that they can easily access areas of interest.

Where is the Everything In Site index page? It is right behind this page, the one you are looking at now. The idea is to have full access to the entire site by simply clicking back and forth between the EIS page and current page of interest. In addition, a link to the EIS page is located in the upper left hand corner of every page in the site.


How many unique visitors does Idea Site For Business get each month? We average 22,400 per month. This number is data base driven and changes periodically to reflect the current traffic count.

How many hits does Idea Site For Business get each month? A hit is recorded when any page with an image is opened. If there are five images on a page, five hits are recorded and so on. ISFB averages over 428,000 hits per month. This number is data base driven and changes periodically to reflect the current traffic count.

How is your customer and subscriber list used? Addresses and other forms of contact data are only used to service and provide requested information to our customers and subscribers.


Can I add images to an ad? One image, up to 4 inches wide by 6 inches deep or 6 inches wide by 4 inches deep, can easily inserted into a classified ad. After a picture has been sized for both dimension and resolution, Idea Site For Business can get it from the computer into your ad.

What is the correct resolution for an online image? The resolution to remember for an image that will appear on the Internet is 72 pixels per inch. Whether your picture is scanned or taken with a digital camera, this resolution at the desired size is what you'll need to show well in your ad.

Must I include an image to place an ad? Not at all, but in many cases a picture of the item being sold or talked about in an ad is helpful. It should be noted that an image can be added at any time during the duration of the ad's appearance. That is, your message needn't be held up for lack of an image because it can always be added later.

How do I make an image ready to appear in my ad? Either an image manipulation program such as Photoshop or the software that comes with a digital camera can be used for scanning, cropping, enhancing color and improving contrast of your images. Without such tools, simply take your photo or illustration to a store like Kinkos and have it scanned. After providing them with the desired dimension and resolution, you will recieve your image in digital form on a floppy disk. From there, it can be uploaded to a computer or directly to your ad.

Can I adjust my digital image without Photoshop or another image manipulation program? Microsoft to the rescue! Have a ball with your images at MSN Photos. In less than 30 minutes, you'll learn to crop, enhance the color and improve the contrast of your image before placing it in your ad. For those who can't justify the expense of software, a scanner and/or a digital camera, this free Web service in combination with a reasonably priced service provider like Kinkos is well worth the visit.

Content Page Ads

What are content page ads? Just like ads in a magazine or newspaper, these ads are available in a variety of sizes and appear on pages with the main content.

What's included with a content page ad? These 90 day ads include a boldfaced headline, text and one link. In addition, they are changeable. At any time during the term of a space reservation, the content can be changed.

How much do content page ads cost? Depending on the word count, ads on content pages range in price from $14 to $30.

Classified Ads

How many classified ad categories are there? There are over 40 free categories to help with individual needs and over 80 categories for business advertising. 

How can I change my classified ad? After signing into a section such as Free Advertising, visit the View Your History page located in the left hand column of links.

Can I change the location of a classified ad? The location of paid business classified ads can be changed anytime during its 60 day run. This allows an ad space to make a completely different offer in another category even after the original ad's purpose has been satisfied. The new ad will remain in effect until the original 60 days has expired.

What are the size limitations for a classified ad? An entire full Web page is provided for every free and paid classified ad that is placed. One image up to 4" wide by 6" deep or 6 inches wide by 4 inches deep can be included.

How much does a paid business classified ad cost? Such an ad can be placed for $12.

Newsletter Sponsorships

What's included with a newsletter sponsorship? Only one ad appears on each publication. The 60-word sponsorship message includes a boldfaced headline, text and a link.

How many newsletters do you offer? To date, there are two newsletters to choose from, A-Marketing-Idea-by-Email and A-Creative-Idea-by-Email.

How much is a newsletter sponsorship? Pricing for each newsletter sponsorship ad: top position: $500; top left position: $315; and second left position: $96.

Other Promotional Opportunities

Hire the best person you know to do your publicity...YOU! Click Press allows you to do your own publicity. Deliver your press releases and article suggestions via email with the CLICK PRESS Adobe PDF file that lists active email and URL contact links to editors and reporters at over 6,798 U.S. newspapers, magazines, radio and TV stations. No postage, no envelopes, no headaches. Includes two future updates in 2003 plus a 30-day money-back guarantee. $99. Buy it now.

What's the difference between a Portfolio page and a Partner page? As a partner, you receive supplemental advertising within Idea Site For Business to help drive readers to your Web site. In addition, Partners receive free use of Click Press. Portfolio pages are available for creative providers only. Partnership pages are prominent display opportunities for all other products and services.

How much does it cost to partner with ISFB? The first twelve businesses that sign up will receive their page, set up, custom linking, supplemental advertising and use of Click Press for $1200. This is the total package price for one year and will remain in effect for each year that the space is renewed.

What's the price of a Portfolio page? The first twelve creative providers that sign up will receive their page for $228. In addition, there is a one time fee  of $150 for set up and custom linking. This is the total package price for one year and will remain in effect for each year that the space is renewed.

How do you approach reciprocal linking and affiliate advertising? Because Web sites have been created and are maintained under such a wide variety of circumstances it is not always possible to follow current trends. This model's design is a case in point. Since ISFB was created and is maintained by only two people, we remain focused on increasing the number of creative ideas, marketing ideas and tools provided for our ever growing audience. Therefore, instead of investing people hours to exchange art links by hand, we have automated the process so that tiny ads called Message Links can easily be sprinkled throughout the site in the locations of your choice.

How much is a Message Link? This format which appears for 360 days costs $20. It includes eight words of copy which can be linked and changed at any time during the term of its space reservation.

How can we begin selling advertising on our own Web site? ISFB has created Ad Space Central for every site that wants to sell advertising. Just complete the required information to be listed. A link to your home page, along with a description of your site will then be published in the appropriate category. From such data, those interested in buying message space on a site that their own products and services compliment, can choose a number of locations to place their ads.
The first 1,000 listings (one per Web site) will be given away for free! After that, we plan to charge an annual fee of $12 per Web site to keep listings categorized and updated. What we envision Ad Space Central to eventually be is the place where businesses of every size can go to find zillions of affordable sites on which targeted advertising can be placed.


How do you service inquiries? Since ISFB is published and maintained by only two people, interactive forms and email options have been provided to take care of most business communications.

How are problems and disputes resolved? For those who have made purchases, Solutions page has been prepared. It allows a quick review of comments and complaints. In addition, it enables us to expedite a refund whenever such action is the most appropriate solution. After signing in, the Solutions page can be accessed by selecting View Your History.


How are ad results tracked? After signing in, the View Your History page can be accessed. This page records the number of times an ad has been viewed to date. When compared with the number of responses received so far, you will have a good indication of how competitive your ad really is. For example, ten or more views without a single response could mean that the offer should be reevaluated.

Can I suggest a new category? All the listings found on this site are categorized. If the addition of a category to any listing is needed to accomodate your business, please suggest it on the New Category page.

Since the payment process is automated, how will I receive an invoice? Invoices for your records are automatically sent via email.

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