While the principles are the same as those used in preparing a traditional media plan, the Web hasn't been around for nearly as long. Measurement and value determination methods have not yet been fine-tuned. Making the ability to recommend a media plan that could deliver specific advertising and/or marketing goals highly specialized. While this is not our expertise, gillINC will consult with the best known Web media specialty companies on our client's behalf.


The paths to performance on the Web are extremely diverse, requiring more hands-on services than ever before.

For best results, technical strategy needs to be every bit as creative as a headline's relationship to a picture. Because the constantly changing technological developments can have such a massive impact on how effectively a Web message is presented and its performance is tracked.
So, in addition to to our creative and marketing services*, gillINC must offer a great many technological tools and services.
Web/Technical list of services:

Site navigation storyboarding

Web-based publishing forms


Custom programming of JavaScript files

Site Search engine

Password-protected directories

Database software and implementation

Chat software and implementation

Dynamic HTML page generation and effects

Digitization and integration of audio/video

Secure transaction capability

Server hosting referral

Remote site maintenance

In addition, gillINC will work with the client's ad agency and/or become agency of record to provide look & feel (design/site mapping), consulting for the media buy and ad banner design.

*To see comprehensive samplings of creative direction, art direction, writing, design, illustration and corporate identification development please visit Creative Directions, the creative products site by gillINC's cofounder, Andy Attiliis.

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