Because that is what the vast majority of the Web audience uses. Also, by keeping the browser window to a smaller size(6"-8" wide), there's more room for the user to use other applications while online.


Our portfolio of Web site design is getting very very heavy.

The following samples and descriptions will help give you a pretty good idea of where our heads are currently focused in the ever evolving world of Web site development:

Simple can be best. Shape, color and white pin stripes on a gray background greet visitors to the Global Research & Information Services site. This memorable look is designed to set an inviting mood before the audience begins to absorb a great deal of very well organized and easy to navigate content.
Global Research & Information Services
Enlarged version of GRIS's Home Page
Art direction for the National Association of Securities Dealers Intranet site has been very light and bright. Rather than use a standard approach, NASD settled on 2 image mapped illustrations for linking visual elements to interior content. Upon completion of this work in progress, these images will also be supported by word links. For best results and fastest load time when using this much color, it is especially important to use palettes recommended exclusively for the Web.
Enlarged versions of NASD's Home Page image map
Enlarged version of NASD's secondary image map
While the popular narrow/wide column works well for most Web sites, it does not encourage the eye to focus on one sample at a time. For Creative Directions, a portfolio of creative samples, it was decided to center hang the samples and copy to achieve a
gallery look. To that a background color was chosen that would compliment rather than clash with a variety of full color samples.
Regarding the width of the page itself, this site was designed to be viewed at the narrow width encountered when first opening a major browser(approximately 6"-8").
Creative Directions
Enlarged version of the CD Home Page

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