Because that is what the vast majority of the Web audience uses. Also, by keeping the browser window to a smaller size(6"-8" wide), there's more room for the user to use other applications while online.


Our portfolio of Web site design is getting very heavy.

The following samples and descriptions will help give you a pretty good idea of where our heads are currently focused in the ever evolving world of Web site development:

Retail marketing success stories on the Web. That's what Jo's Kandy Kitchen and Allergy Supply Company have in common. gillINC has poured all the Internet marketing knowledge we've been able to compile (IdeaSite) into these 2 sites. In each case, these clients have utilized the Web and our training to significantly increase their business. Purchasers from over 40 countries order specialty products from Jo's Kandy Kitchen and Allergy Supply Company...customers these two companies would never have known about if it wasn't for the Web.
Jo's Candy Kitchen
Enlarged version of Jo's Home Page.
Allergy Supply
Enlarged version of AS's Home Page.
Taking a flyer on selling NASA space patches was the purpose of the Manned Space Flight Site. While the idea didn't take off, it beautifully exemplifies the entrepreneurial potentials of the Web. For a relatively small investment my client was able to determine if there was sufficient interest to justify pursuing the venture at this time. There wasn't, so we didn't.
Moral of the story: Cyberspace is a place where you can test waters without losing your shirt.
Enlarged version of
The Manned Space Flight Site Home Page
The AFL-CIO needed an attachment to their existing site that would effectively address the FastTrack issue. The decision to use a strong, colorful type treatments as the dominant and consistent design element was made for very practical reasons. Because many such topical issues would need to be addressed very quickly, this approach was chosen for its ability to easily offer a distinctive personality to each subject.
Enlarged version of
Stop FastTrack Home Page.
More Portfolio Samples

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