In conventional terms, which format is best suited to communicate the client's message?
Advertising, book, newspaper, magazine, catalogue and brochure or a combination thereof are the choices.This decision is vital in making sure that the site's format is flexible enough to easily accommodate forseeable changes and additions.
Should the cover(home page) always act as a table of contents?
Not unless the site is intended to be a bare bones information provider with no ambition to excite or inspire. Because, with experienced creative direction, a home page is the place to provide tone-setting value, excitement and incentive to stay awhile. And these assets can best be achieved by keeping this very first impression as simple and conceptual as possible.
Will the dominant design element be a type treatment and/or image style?
A most important design decision to consider. Because this is the look that will clearly remind viewers(who have been surfing around at warp speed) where in the cyber universe they are at.
How can html type, the most basic Web tool, be best integrated into the design?
Because of its speed and ease of use, to date, there is no more practical way to present the written word on the Web. A good designer will work hard to combine colors, images, typographical gifs and html type sizes that compliment each other.
Where is the best place and what is the quickest method to let an audience preview the entire site?
A complete index or table of contents located on the 2nd or 3rd pages will help make visitors feel more comfortable and welcome. Knowing how to navigate will also keep visitors around longer and encourage them to come back.
How often should a site be updated?
That depends on the nature of a site's content and purpose. Once identified, correct anticipation of the present and future needs of the audience is possible.
Now the answer becomes: Web site updates should be made as often as necessary to fulfill the site's inherent purpose and support the unspoken promise of its original personality.


Our portfolio of Web site design is getting heavy.

To date, we have designed and developed 62 Web sites. From this experience we've learned that clear and compelling creative is as indispensable to Web site design as it is to any other media.

At the next level of creative consideration we've come to know that cookie cutter approaches to Web site development do not deliver optimum results. Each project has unique expectations and must be designed accordingly.

The following samples and descriptions will help give you a pretty good idea of where our heads are currently focused in the ever evolving world of Web site development:

IdeaSiteForBusiness(ISFB) includes over 120 pages of pure content creation that is attracting an average of 10 new subscribers every day. What's most exciting is that this ever growing global audience revisits on a regular basis. Which means that such an information dispensing environment could become self-supporting from a variety of endeavors. Advertising and content syndication are the first we plan to pursue.
In addition to showcasing marketing, creative, illustrative, writing and graphic design capabilities, IdeaSite has afforded us the opportunity to invent the kind of tools and attractions that bring readers back for more.When you visit IdeaSiteForBusiness don't miss our industry-recognized signature features, ClickPress, Marketing-Ideas-by-Email and Creative-Ideas-by-Email.
Enlarged version of ISFB's Home Page.
The Activities Implemented Jointly Web site has been created to help reduce green gas emissions. This initiative by the World Bank and the Norwegian government demonstrates that the potential for joint implementation could be very promising when applied to a variety of endeavors.
Enlarged version of AIJ's Home Page.
gillINC's role was to be designer and illustrator of key visuals for Internet Marketing Inc's new Web site. What it developed into was better- an accelerated education on how to mix creativity with internet technology for both our client and ourselves. 

Enlarged version of IMI/AAA's Home Page.
Because of Sucess Marketing Inc's trust and total cooperation, a very limited budget was allowed to go a long way. Without sacrificing quality! By creating only one well-planned, well-done key visual that is strategically cropped to illustrate the entire site, every page sings a harmonius note. Also worth noting: This site is outperforming our client's expectations with a monthly hit count of 6,000-7,000 and a monthly user count of 3,000-4,000 per month. Originally, this site was intended to serve the needs of less than 50 regular customers.
An off-key note has to do with how easily Web pages can be changed. So easily that sometimes even the greatest client can't resist the temptation to make revisions on his own. A practice that could eventually cause a site to lose its voice.
Moral of this story: The original designer is the only one who knows for sure why the design elements on your Web site are colored, sized, styled and positioned the way that they are.
Enlarged version of SMI's Home Page.
More Portfolio Samples


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