So far, IdeaSite has had over 2 dozen mentions and reviews from prestegious publications. Here's what they are saying:
If you're looking for creative ideas for marketing, be sure to drop by the IdeaSiteForBusiness. This site was created by gillINC, marketing, writing and design consultants. Marketing articles are substantial and interesting. The December issue included articles on small business PR, 12 steps to success in government contracts, seven secrets of customer loyalty, and a marketing checklist for 1997. Sign up to receive site updates and the Marketing Idea of the Day via e-mail. This is a visually intersting site with substantial marketing content.
- Small Business Resource Guide to the Web 1997
(Lycos Press,1997)
David Peal, Robert McNamara, Suzanne V. Cross and Kathleen Mims
IdeaSiteForBusiness offers useful advice for creative business people. Find out how to use 13 household items to help market your business or service, learn how to reatin customers and read book excerpt and other helpful tips.
- On the Net Column
LA Times
Visit IdeaSite for useful information and ideas about marketing, especially for small business owners and consultants. You'll find 206 Marketing Ideas that boast to help your business grow; related articles and books, marketing resources, "Marketing Animals"--a comic strip, and much more.
- Sales & Marketing Management
If the Web is a smorgasbord, this site is the business user's dessert cart. Seriously, how can you resist 206 marketing tips, articles that promise to bathe your efforts in the soft warmth of organization. Advice and information found on this site is to-the-point and applicable to real-world situations.
- Web-vantage
This Web site is geared to small and home-based business owners who are looking for new ideas to help their businesses prosper. If you're a business beginner, you'll find lots of good ideas and useful articles. However, if you've been in business awhile, much of the advice can be found elsewhere. Yet, the reason we've chosen this site as this week's NETrageous SITEing is their page of links to other marketing resources info. It's an excellent list­ we even found four good resources we didn't know about!
- Netrageous
This site is quite good, with a lot of interesting ideas and things to think about. They also offer a marketing idea per day via email which is an invaluable resource for the online marketer.
- meep! media
IdeaSiteForBusiness features 206 marketing ideas and a MarketingIdeaADayByEmail feature. Learn how to advertise on the Internet-write a press release and automatically e-mail it to more than 1,800 business publications.
- Income Opportunities Magazine
Because there aren't many volumes of information possessing universal appeal that are owned outright by a single entity. And while the talent to create such material certainly exists, how many content creators are willing to invest 2 to 3 years creating content for a market that's not yet established. gillINC is fortunate in that the clamor for more of its initial Web site's content made syndication a naturally recognizeable transition.


gillINC offers syndicated content designed to open doors both ways.

To keep your audience coming back for more while making yourself a welcome visitor to their e-mail boxes, we recommend the use of syndicated content. Consider adding universally popular content to an existing site or including it during the development of a new one. gillINC's first such product, IdeaSiteForBusiness SYNDICATION 98 is now available for purchase.

To review IdeaSite's contract, visit IdeaSiteForBusiness SYNDICATION RIGHTS AGREEMENT

Who Needs Syndicated Content?

Those businesses who don't have enough quality content to attract revisits and word-of-mouth referrals to their Web site should consider adding IdeaSiteForBusiness.

Those businesses who feel that they can best present their message from a sponsorship platform(much the same way a national advertiser sponsors a mini tv event). But don't have the quantity and quality of content necessary. With IdeaSite, they'll have over 120 pages into which they can appropriately weave their product and service messages as if they had produced the entire site themselves from scratch.

To Purchase IdeaSiteForBusiness visit '98 Offer Retooled.

IdeaSiteForBusiness' content receives international recognition.

One of gillINC's most notarized accomplishments to date is IdeaSiteForBusiness, a content site of great interest to everyone who wishes to grow their business while testing the Web. Already, IdeaSite has enjoyed worldwide recognition by virtue of the published reviews it has received from over 2 dozen top business publications. In addition, through word of mouth and e-mail, this site's subscription list increases at the average rate of 10-14 new form completions per day. To find out what all the excitement's about, visit IdeaSiteForBusiness.

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