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This is the place to publish classified ads, edit their content and monitor the results.
e provide free spaces to create classified ads. Over 40 categories worth, all geared to serving the individual needs of our audience.

Select a category in which you would like to place an ad:

Review ads that have already been placed:
Additional Features:

View your ad immediately. Then change its content whenever you like. Electronic interactivity and your willingness to participate make it all possible.

Results can take time, so 30 free days is just the beginning. In 24 days an email will mention that you can freely renew your ad for another 30 days. This continues until you discontinue the ad or let it expire.

These are full page ad spaces that include plenty of room for a picture. The predesigned format designates one area for an image up to 4" wide by 6" deep, another for a boldface headline and the third for all the copy anyone could ever need to inspire a sale.

Page views are counted to help determine if your ad will work. They are recorded and can be found on the View Your History page. When compared to the number of responses you have received so far, such information will indicate how competitive an ad really is. For example, ten or more views without a single response could mean that your offer should be reevaluated.

Each category's listing of ads is alphabetized according to geographic location. In situations where offerings can't easily be shipped or inspected, this helps buyers find items that are located close to home.

For paid classified ad categories, visit Test Advertising.

ad space available:
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