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For less than $100, you can hire the best person to do your publicity...YOU!

Do your own publicity. Deliver your press releases and article suggestions via email with CLICK PRESS, the Adobe PDF file that lists active email and URL contact links to editors and reporters at over 6,798 U.S. newspapers, magazines, radio and TV stations.

What is Click Press?
Click Press is an Adobe® Acrobat PDF file that is viewed through the free Adobe® Acrobat reader. It lists the contact email and URL links of 6,798 editors and writers at magazines, regional and local newspapers, radio and TV stations across the U.S.

2081 business and consumer magazines
3821 national, regional and local newspapers
304 radio stations
592 TV stations

Does Click Press automatically send out my press releases for me?
No. Click Press is designed to put you in control. It is not a software application that automatically sends out your press release to a large list. You choose the media outlets that reach your target link at a time. This way you can run a responsible PR campaign that doesn't spam hundreds of editors and writers who aren't interested in your news.

How do you use Click Press?
Once you purchase, download and open the Click Press PDF file on your computer, you click on the name of the publication you would like to contact. A blank e-mail message form addressed to the editor will pop up on your screen. Complete the e-mail SUBJECT heading, paste your press release information into the body of the blank e-mail message and send it off.

Larger media sites offer more than one link to one editor. So you really have access to over 8,000 editors and writers with Click Press.
For larger publications, you will automatically be directed to the organization's Web page that posts links to staff e-mail addresses. Select the link to the appropriate writer or editor. A blank e-mail message form will pop up on your screen. Complete the e-mail SUBJECT heading, paste your press release information into the body of the blank e-mail message and send it off.

How can I find my target media?
Click Press is sorted alphabetically, by business category and by state. The 6,798 publications and stations can also be searched using any keyword. Plus there are "category hints" placed strategically to the right of each publication name to let you know about the media content or location.

Benefits of using Click Press
1) Save time. We've spent over one thousand hours compiling this list so you won't have to, painstakingly checking links and listing only the media sites you can really access. The links were last verified April 2002. When you purchase Click Press, you'll receive two product updates in 2003-2004.

2) Save money. No postage, no envelopes, no headaches. Such convenience lets you easily send one press release after another to the editor of your choice. Whenever and wherever you think your story will get some play...for a lot less than third-party press release services that may be beyond your budget.

3) Be in control. You select the writers and editors who will most welcome your message.

4) Search with ease. Click Press is searchable by any keyword.

      Download it right away…

Buy Click Press today and receive two extra bonuses:

BONUS #1: "PR 101: 5 Easy Steps to Preparing and Emailing a Press Release That Works," our special report on how press releases sent via email should be prepared differently from printed or faxed publicity releases...for better results.

BONUS #2: "PR Tips" - simple ideas that can help you conduct your own successful publicity campaign. Includes advice on the best days to send press releases to the different types of media outlets as well as tips on story structure, fillers and more.

Click Press's the same tool we used to gain attention for Idea Site for Business in Newsweek and countless other publications.

We personally use this guide to access press connections via the Internet. We know it will become indispensable for you, too. Why not put these long hours of research and years of experience to work for you...for next to nothing. In times like these, you just can’t afford not to.

Start your PR campaign now

Mary Gillen & Andy Attiliis
Idea Site for Business

P.S. Have questions about Click Press? Email us now. Want to buy? Order now for instant download.

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