MarketingIdeasByEmail and CreativeIdeasByEmail have merged into one newsletter. This bigger offering is here to help show why it takes 2 good ideas to begin developing an effective long-term message.

First comes the marketing idea. Should your upcoming message be delivered in a magazine ad, an email, a Web splash ad or banner, a tv spot, a combination of communication vehicles, something totally unexpected, or what? From which media(s) would a specific audience be most likely to respond? This is the marketing strategy that must be considered before thinking about an actual message and the style in which it should be presented. For a most efficient start, we suggest you review the marketing ideas on our Web site and the samples below.


Marketing Ideas by Mary Gillen

6 by 10 Calling Plan
Build your cold call confidence and sales by using the 6-by-10 Calling Program: make 6 cold calls by 10 a.m. every business day.

Reading Can Be Fundamental...For Business
A smart real estate agent we know goes the extra mile to make sure the children of the family are remembered.

Tighten Up Your Sales Letter Copy
Needless copy clutters up a sales letter and can be distracting to the prospect.


Second comes the creative idea. That is, the core communication concept or message which will be delivered. A headline supported by an image is usually the essence of a creative direction. Design, image, writing and quality of delivery are the elements that will give your message a memorable style. All are part of an effort which must satisfy your budget, mold your brand and produce results from the selected marketing platform. For this kind of inspiration, you can review the creative ideas on our site and the samples below. For more focused insights, read the hands-on experiences described in our Creative Process section.


Creative Ideas by Andy Attiliis

What to do with photos that don't match
The client-provided photos came from 6 different sources.

Corporate cartoons don't have to knock 'em dead.
A saving grace for special interest toons is that the expectation for halarity is not nearly as high as it is in newspapers and magazines targeting the general public.


Learning how to review both kinds of ideas with a mind for developing your own unique solution is the goal. While it will take some time to shake the feeling that you are using someone else's work, don't be discouraged. This gathering of inspirational parts, or thought-starters is only the first step– the exploratory work necessary to begin finding an original solution of our own. As we all are moved by the efforts of others, the aim is to shape increments we like to best answer specific needs. This is the molding of individual unique needs into a new form. It is the same method for warming up creative juices that ad pros have used for decades.

Once the marketing / creative directions are established, executed and introduced to an audience, a productive long-term relationship is possible. Now's time to focus on message maintenance and consistency. In other words, everything that initiated the original attraction should be preserved and nurtured so that your communications endeavor can eventually bear fruit. We must remember that it usually takes years to build the kind of trusting relationship between an organization and its audience that will eventually yield successful services, products and livelihoods. More Useful Ideas

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