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Multitude of creative function ideas: creative direction, art direction, writing, design, illustration, corporate identification and Web development.

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For grins, try setting the cold hard facts into a different environment.
An interesting story in a hospital newsletter describes the pain of holiday depression. Because of the subject matter's serious nature, the copy evokes the image of an elderly woman being counseled by a physician in a decidedly dismal office. However, when his word-for-word advice is seen in combination with the lady, our mood quickly changes. Suddenly, the idea of her actually following his prescription to the letter with great results converts from a tearful dilemma into a jolly surprise.

When copy needs to be long, clearly define and separate each section.
Simple bulleted copy often works well to sell many types of products and services. The full nature of what's offered in such a manner is usually so well-known that little more is needed. Sometimes however, varying degrees of experience and quality will enter into the equation of making good choices for less cut-and-dried needs. In situations where more comprehensive information would be appreciated, bestow the great favor of clearly defining one topic from another. To enhance readership, go for headlines that can be supported by an image. It will serve to help separate different copy initiatives even more.
         This six paneled fold-out brochure demonstrates how equal space for every main point can create an extra bonus. With just a bit of modification, each panel can be converted into a postcard which could be valuable as a follow-up mailing.
         Notable also is the feature that would back each card. In this case, a Web Portfolio Highlights panel, shown on the next page, helps to make a cyber visit very efficient. If the client has not asked for some such useful device or offer that will encourage an audience to keep a brochure, the copywriter should. After all, we know the importance of going that extra mile to ingratiate customers to our client. If someone has been gracious enough to consider a commercial message, the polite implication is that there will be some measure of returned consideration for their time. So any chance at all to give something back shouldn't be overlooked.

brochure copy

cover / page 1:
What I've Learned So Far
Words and images work best if they work together.

page 2:
The Great Design Divide
(left side of panel) Those on this side of the Great Design Divide must feel that hard-to-read type adds a sense of creativity to design.That obscured copy creates undivided attention. That making readers struggle creates excitement. Those who like it over here probably wouldn't like my work. Unless they have another side. (right side of panel)Those on this side of the Great Design Divide know that good typography helps real creativity communicate clearly and quickly. Making sure that exciting concepts don't get missed or misunderstood.
         Those who like it over here should see more samples of my other sides: creative direction, art direction, copywriting and illustration.

page 3:
A Thumbnail Does Not Need Polish To Shine
Because the indispensable job of a thumbnail is to show an idea in its simplest form. Before adding the embellishment of a computerized comp. To make sure it really works without any polish at all.
A thumbnail is fast and easy to do. Allowing many concepts to be explored before zeroing in on the perfect solution. Neglecting this process runs the risk of winning approval for good looks. Instead of brilliant thinking!

page 4:
Web Site Creation That Opens Doors
To make any e-marketing site productive requires extra effort. In addition to providing creative direction, art direction, writing, design, image-making, marketing strategy and/or goal setting, a developer must be able to help get visitors. That takes experience in both Web and traditional communications. Because the most appropriate methods need to be chosen from scores of interactive and media options.
Here's just one example: send a postcard that lists the URL addresses of important places within your Web site. There isn't a faster, easier way to open the right door for an audience.

page 5:
Web Portfolio Highlights
Over 12 years working for ad agencies plus 19 years as a freelancer can add up to a very comprehensive creative and marketing portfolio. Mine presents samples of all the skills necessary to design and develop successful marketing materials. For quickest access to the specific areas of my Web portfolio, please use the following address list:

(listing of Web pages offering specific services)

page 6:
Creative Savings Are Just A Hop, Skip And A Click Away
Make the most of your marketing budget by paying freelance rates for senior creative services. Save time finding the services that you need by using Web Portfolio Highlights.

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