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Multitude of creative function ideas: creative direction, art direction, writing, design, illustration, corporate identification and Web development.

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When we read a comic strip, our expectation is that an attempt will be made to amuse us.
by Andy Attiliis

Whether we peruse a Sunday paper where the general population qualifies as the target audience, or a trade magazine that relates to the business we know, there should be something funny or entertaining in this for us. That's the attraction of these little vignettes which are written about some aspect of life.
         Even when used for advertising support, there needs to be something that is truly ingratiating about what's being said to make them work. It's just not possible for comical drawings to create the magic all by their lonesome. So when funnies aren't funny, readers are disappointed.
         The problem is that they look so easy to do (All those comics in the paper every day­ must not be much to doing one of those). On the contrary, writing a custom comic for limited use is a bit different than dealing with the same subject and existing characters daily. To begin, all the creative must be developed from scratch. It then requires the equivalent of writing a great ad headline for all speaking parts in each frame. Every word is precious in that it must be quick, clear and funny whenever possible in addition to providing unmistakeable support for the drawings. Moral of this story: To get a good grin, the writing must be gotten right .

Andy Attiliis has served as art director for three advertising agencies. Since becoming an independent professional in 1981, he has been hired by nearly every type of business organization. With focused concentration on improving the continuity of a message’s concept and quality, he has often performed multiple creative functions on a single project. His additional experience as a creative director, designer, illustrator and writer have made him an extremely efficient single source art director/creative provider. The kinds of communications for which he has provided art direction range from ads to newsletters, brandings to Web sites.

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