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Does extra extraordinary language have a place in marketing copy?
by Andy Attiliis

Is it worth it, or is it not worth the extra effort that a reader must expend to understand the message? Is the extra effort that a copywriter devotes to composing an extra special message really appreciated? Of course, the movie “Shakespeare in Love” was a huge success, in large part because the endearing dialogue’s style fit the situation. So the answers, as they relate to marketing endeavor, may depend on the pomp, circumstance and degree of excellence with which extraordinary language and the balance of the concept are executed. Here, for example, is a test case scenario from me to you. It is an impassioned Shakespearean sounding plea to the marketing community for more creativity, courage and faith in what is becoming a very sophisticated consumer audience:

Tis true creativity or niavite of message purpose that thou seeketh? One tis memorable as the sun and shines forevermore. The other, oh Lord the others are either confused or heartlessly clear. Without compliment or credit given that the audience has the mind or the spirit to be touched in a special way.

Truly the creative design tis the way. Tis rendered perfectly always out of love for the inspired right thinking of a compelling message. Out of love for the leap of faith that allows that others also are keen and witted and most capable indeed of grasping the sublime beauty of the brave purveyor’s intent. And more, sweet credibility ensues, carrying one and all involved to rapturous new heights longing breathlessly for more.

Like a cold slap in the face tis the “today only” kind of prod. Those there in that mindset, making that stuff, are like in kind to lost souls, unable to pique the desire to connect again. Much less find the time for honest, much less wonderous execution. So dear friend, be not afraid as tis not life or death ye must choose here, niether poison nor nectar. Just think before acting for a time. Put thineself in the shoe of the other who will see for sure thine message fine or foul as thou’s intent.

         While this isn’t ad copy, per say, it does exemplify that in some situations an unexpected style of language could be as striking as an unusual illustrative or photographic offering.That when faced with a clean canvas, a promising product and the freedom of a brand new ad campaign, certainly there’s room to at least consider the myriad of inventive word combinations that just aren’t explored very often in a marketing scenerio.
         Remember the poets, the song writers, Shakespeare, Dr.Seuss and all the rest who have dared to explore the remotest areas of speech to discover wonderous phraseology for extra meaningful results! I believe that the potential results could be well worth the extra effort. That a brand could be made unique in all the world through such language considerations if done well and consistently for an extended period of time. Could be it’s time for the extremely gifted commercial writers of this age to trip the light fantastic a little bit more than usual, now and again. next

Andy Attiliis has served as art director for three advertising agencies. Since becoming an independent professional in 1981, he has been hired by nearly every type of business organization. With focused concentration on improving the continuity of a message’s concept and quality, he has often performed multiple creative functions on a single project. His additional experience as a creative director, designer, illustrator and writer have made him an extremely efficient single source art director/creative provider. The kinds of communications for which he has provided art direction range from ads to newsletters, brandings to Web sites.

Copyright 2001 Andy Attiliis. All rights reserved.
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