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I do branding, design, illustration and writing.
Just one important service which may be worth your consideration is my ability to optimize the recognition of your existing brand ten-fold. Such experience has been a long time coming. Since 1966 I've provided graphic design and illustration. Then in 1981 my offering grew to include branding and writing. In addition, I served in the creative departments of several ad agencies. Art director, creative director, designer, illustrator and writer are the positions I fulfilled during that 14 year period.
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Multitude of creative function ideas: creative direction, art direction, writing, design, illustration, corporate identification and Web development.

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Use black and white renderings to arrive at the most meaningful and memorable content for your logo
Here are preliminary design concepts developed for the Vianetix Corporation. This is a management consulting firm specializing in computer technology.
         Because there is no one visual icon that could appropriately represent everything that the company does, a typographical approach was agreed upon right from the beginning. Further input from the client, combined with creative direction and art direction, indicated that forward movement and growth were qualities that the logo should exhibit in an abstract form.

Don't toss the best logo design without a test.
When someone suggests that a logo or key visual looks like something undesireable, that should not necessarily mean that a good design is doomed. Advertising Delivery System (ADS) delivers ad media information on an extremely large scale via satellite. This concept for their logo shows a satellite dish which has been drawn to also look like the letter "A". In combination with the rest of the anachronym this is an extremely strong and unique signature. The kind of corporate identification opportunity that doesn't come along every day.
         In addition to the ability to realize double meaning from the satellite dish, there is the branding miracle that can be enjoyed from a diligent naming effort. The initials themselves spell out "ads", which of course is wonderful for a service that focuses all of their energy on improving ad distribution.
         After approval of this design and some time had passed, the comment was made that the logo might be confused for the aids virus. It was decided to reconsider the direction. In such cases, a carefully worded impartial survey should be prepared by the art director to determine if such criticism is valid. Results would most likely show that the similarity posed no real threat. Going through the process, however, will calm fears so that this valuable investment is protected and enthusiastically supported. Otherwise, doubts could build to the point that the effort is abandoned in favor of a far weaker solution and future benefits are lost.

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