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Using a comic strip as the key visual in an ad comfortably allows for an extra level of messaging.
Most ads consist of a headline, image and body copy to tell the story. When a comic strip is the key visual, the dialogue boxes provide an additional level for communication. Since they are expected in such a format, these extra opportunities for text don't feel forced or out of place. What great natural places they are to enhance creative concept, attract extra attention or support a secondary copy point.

Accurate illustrations are dependent on good reference materials.
The main character in this comic strip, Super Tommy, is a real-life actor. Because he is also the hero for an accompanying television spot, this print version had to be identical in appearance. Both head shots and a video of his casting session were supplied by my client to make sure that there were enough materials to work from. To get enough angles, digital photos of him were taken as he looked on the vcr's screen.
         Matching the store's visual characteristics was also a requirement. With permission secured by Giant Food's management, an hour's shoot with an automatic camera was sufficient to get everything needed. One more hour for rush processing and I was ready to begin the rough layouts. To finish the job, a traditional pencil drawing was scanned into the computer where captions and color were added.

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