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Multitude of creative function ideas: creative direction, art direction, writing, design, illustration, corporate identification and Web development.

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Designing a subsidiary brand to match the parent corporation's brand can be very simple.
To begin with, the proper relationship between logos within the same family is a question of creative direction. The most rewarding strategy will grow from information and goals provided by marketing professionals, or the job originator.
         In general, there will be three design directions to choose from: (1) A name and design that are as alike as possible. (2) A name and design that are similar enough to see a possible relationship. (3) A name and design that aren't alike in any way.
         IDEAsite is a subsidiary of gillINC. The creative direction to design this logo was that it should bear enough similarities for the relationship to be seen. So, once the IDEAsite logo contents were finalized, it became a simple matter to create the similarity. In short, matching a typeface, its color and overall kerning was enough to provide the correct visual relationship. Clearly, IDEAsite and gillINC have a compatible look, and could be members of the same corporate family.

Designing a subsidiary brand to match the parent corporation's brand can be very simple.

How caps and lower case letters are used can impact the meaning of a design.
To use a lower case "n" or a capital "N" was the question. The capital "N" in viaNETIX eventually became the approved form for this corporation's logo. A close second was vianETIX, which the client originally preferred. That version is shown on the next page.
         For those who feel that time spent on such a small detail is a little wasteful, please remember that the goal is to reap great rewards from a well done logo for many years to come. Therefore, careful study to determine which delivery will serve best is an extremely worthwhile effort. Even when the name is totally new and unknown. Clearly, viaNETIX looks and sounds more correct and credible than vianETIX.

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