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Multitude of creative function ideas: creative direction, art direction, writing, design, illustration, corporate identification and Web development.

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Feel free to turn one word in your name any which way you like, so long as it's done the same way every time.
As a matter of fact, such a design strategy can be very strong. This sample group shows how it works on a variety of materials.As you can see, consistency is key. However, try altering the proportions or composition in any way on the different pieces and the identity can be quickly lost.

Just a bit of distinction designed into a good name is all that's needed to create stand-out recognition and memorability.
The name "Razavi" is unique. It delivers both a good look and a pleasant sound. The balance of Amir Razavi's corporate name defines what his company offers. Razavi Software Development is the full name, but "Software Development" is subordinated because "Razavi" is more memorable on its own.
         Without doing another thing, this logo could simply be set in a readable typeface and stand on its own forever. However, Amir also wanted to benefit from the extra rewards, recognition and and credibility that can be realized from successful design effort.
         With some work on the "Z", expansion and flexibility are suggested. Combined with customization of the other letters and their kerning, the result is a bit of visual distinction that works hard to enhance this very good name.
         Would the addition of an icon or other graphic element make this design easier to remember? Not if we agree that complicated images are more difficult to recall than simple ones.

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